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Synnd is one of the best tools for creating social signals and pushing your search engines ranking high - especially after recent panda and penguin changes. Comes with 2 options - 1) SynndPro - If you want automation but need cost-effective way 2) Synnd Enterprise - If you want complete hands free solution where a professional team takes care of everything for you

Stop Writing Tons of Content – Write Less Content But Make it Viral With Social Signals

Everyone and their dog is on the internet these days, so if you want to get yourself noticed, you’ve either got to purchase your exposure or know exactly what you are doing. Because most people aren’t really that rich, they take the latter option.

When they take the latter option, there are a lot of different methods to try to get your website to the top of the rankings.

Some folks choose unique keywords that will help push them to the #1 slot, but because the keyword is so unique, they don’t get any traffic. Other people try to target generic keyword, like “books,” and they don’t get any play at all and they can’t figure out why.

Both of these situations as explained above have at least one thing in common:

1) they are sitting in their chair in front of their laptop, frustrated as never before, and about to give up on their website, blog, and/or product;

2) if they knew what Synnd could have done for them with just one of their pieces of effective content, they wouldn’t be sitting there so bloody frustrated right now.

Synnd Helps You Bring the Social Side of SEO Into Play

With the advent of Google Plus, Google itself has admitted publicly that if you have more social traffic coming into your site, your article, your page, or whatever else you have published on the internet – then you will get a boost in rankings and hence will get more traffic. Now social signal is a ranking signal.

When you include the backlinks that you receive from Synnd and do on-page SEO on your site, then you get the full power of Synnd working for you.

Synnd helps you get spread across the social networks by giving you effective links to share your information on all the social networking sites. That means with one link you can cover Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, and all the other sites that you can use to help generate clicks and links back toward your site.

And the critical thing is – with synnd platform – all these things are just a click away. You can simply select checkbox and let synnd run your campaigns on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+1, Bookmarking Sites & Social News Sites like Digg.

How to set up Synnd

When you have more people coming to your site from a social standpoint, your rankings get higher through Google. When your rankings get higher through Google, you get more traffic, which continued to raise your site rankings.

Your ultimate goal should be to get into the top 3 of the results of any particular keyword, because that’s where your true traffic will come naturally. Synnd helps you do that and do that the social way, not the full search engine optimization way.

Synnd Helps Bring Bookmarking to the Forefront of Traffic

One of the counter arguments to SEO work is that it really doesn’t generate a lot of human traffic. In order to get that traffic, you’ve got to be able to have your link get bookmarked by your targeted visitors.

With Synnd, they teach you how to create an effective campaign that will get your targeted visitors to visit you nearly every day because you have interesting and creative content.

Now that’s not to say that SEO doesn’t actually work – when search engine optimization is done properly, it can be quite effective across the board in terms of giving you relevant traffic.

However, many people don’t do their SEO work properly, so it doesn’t work effectively. Synnd helps you figure out how to effectively make your site content be keyed properly, teach you what you need to do with your keywords, and then help you market that content socially so that you don’t ignore the important boost that Google gives you because of the social signals that you send to Google.

That’s what makes Synnd different – it focuses on the social networks for new targeted customers, not social bookmarking like many of its competitors.

Forget Sites Like Bookmarking Demon – Go With the Best

Terms like “laser targeted traffic” and “high PR backlinks” are really just gimmicks to get you to throw your money into something that won’t maximize your traffic.

With automated systems giving you automated bookmarking, you’re really just all sharing the same traffic, the same targeted customers, and are getting the same things that everyone else is getting.

Social bookmarking can only take you so far, especially from an automated standpoint, because you don’t have control and you don’t really get new targeted visitors – it just makes it seem like you do. So there is no point in discussing synnd vs. bookmarking demon.

With Synnd, you get to broadcast over the entire social spectrum. You get to utilize Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and every other social networking site to their full advantage.

When you want to get your information out, especially new information and content that you may have uploaded to your site, you also need amplification to get that – not just bookmarks.

Amplification is when you have your targeted customers re-share your information so that you get access to even more new targeted customers. When you want genuine traffic geared toward your site, Synnd helps you do that effectively each and every time.

Synnd Platform Review

You Can Even Try Synnd Out For Free – Who Else Offers That?

If you are looking for a new and more efficient way to get your information out there effectively, to get more new targeted customers to your site, and to boost your search ranking results, you’ve simply got to give Synnd a try to see exactly what it can do for you.

The best part about that is that you don’t have to spend any money up front in order to do that. With a lite version of Synnd, you can learn how to use Synnd and how to maximize its tools for your individualized needs so that you can access the targeted customers that you’ve been missing.

Synnd really does open up the entire social spectrum of the internet and put it right at your finger tips

Special Synnd Bonus

Now if you plan to buy synnd, it comes with 2 advantages. First you can try it for free and second you get cool synnd bonuses. To get these special synnd bonuses, you just need to click on any link on this page, visit Synnd website and buy it [or may be try lite version and then convert to paid one]. What bonuses you get for Synnd -

  • You get FREE access to my email-coaching program in which you can ask any questions related to SEO – and I will personally  answer it to you. No matter what the question is about – it’s about your seo strategy, seo tools, best seo services or any recent seo ranking changes. We test everything new so you’ll always get the most trusted and updated insights and strategies. So no matter whether you are a newbie or have been working in seo for long time – it will be worth it. To claim this bonus, just send an email to support AT with your subscription details.

Try it out today and see just how much Synnd can help you! Try Synnd For Free OR Learn More About Synnd.

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