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Local business internet marketing i.e. promoting local businesses online is an untapped 6 figure business opportunity.

There are multiple business models which people are trying around it but there are very selected few which actually works.

You can see people offering SEO services, Mobile App services, Reputation management services and what not – to local clients. But they all are mistaken. That’s not the right way to tap into this market.

There is this unique local multiplier business model which lets you penetrate into this market easily and then gives you upper edge over others so that you scale it up and expand it super fast to multiply your profits.

And that opens up a big opportunity for those who can ride on this new trend – also called local affiliate marketing – at this early stage and adopt this correct business model.

Like the people who early adopted adwords 6-7 years back were those who made maximum money from it – local business marketing also brings similar opportunity.

Anyone who taps into this growing billion dollar market worldwide at this stage – will definitely have a huge advantage over others who are late to the party.

And if you really want to know -

- what’s the correct local affiliate marketing business model

- why should you go local now

- how can you craft offer for local clients which they can’t refuse

- how can you get clients who pay you every month

- and how can you automate all of it so that you run it hands-free

Then I have created a new course for you which covers all of these and many more. This course is named -

This is a video based course consisting of 8 step-by-step videos which you can cover in 1.5 hours and at the end of this course you will have complete blueprint, tools, know-how and insights of setting up your own Local Goldmine System which will generate money for you all on autopilot – with just little bit of help – no matter who you are or where you are.

I know it’s easier to learn when you see things live. That’s why, in this course I also show you live – one of my local goldmine system and explain you how I have setup everything.

You can see exactly what I do to generate full time income from this business – just by spending 2-3 hours/day.

You can attend this course here >>

If you are planning to offer SEO services to your clients and confused about – how much to charge for seo services – then these 2 methods can be of your great help. In this video, I explain you 2 step-by-step methods which I use for all my clients and it removes all the doubt out of the equation. Just follow the proven steps explained in these 2 videos and you’ll be good to go:

What to Charge for SEO – Part 1

What to Charge for SEO – Part 2


Here’s what I have explained in the video:

There are 2 methods to calculate how much you should charge for SEO services -

1) KVI Method – Based on Keyword Value Indicator

This method is based on calculating the commercial value of keywords for which you’ll be offering SEO services. We use the adwords tool to calculate the projected impression of all the keywords and use industry standard CTR [ click-through-rate] metrics to find how many clicks we can drive to the clients page. And then based on value of each click, we determine exactly how much should we charge.

To see a live case study, see the over-the-shoulder video above. In the video, I explain you exactly how I calculate the KVI for one my local clients.

2) CVI Method – Based on Customer Value Indicator

This method is based on projecting how many queries we can generate and what’s the value of every query for the client. We use data provided by the client and industry standard metrics to derive projected values. In the video, I show you how to calculate CVI for a client using some hypothetical numbers. You can do a similar exercise using correct numbers based on your interaction with your client.

So if you are confused about what to charge for your SEO services – just don’t worry. Above 2 methods are proven to work in multiple niches/verticals and different geographies. I have used it for many clients and they never fail to impress clients.

Just stick to these 2 strategies for calculating your SEO charges – and you will always come out winning.

What Affects The Quality Score of Adwords Campaigns?



Here is the summary of what’s explained in the video:

NO – The duplicate landing page or having lots of keywords in an adgroup doesn’t affect the quality score. There are 4 primary factors which affect the keyword’s quality score.

Factors affecting Google Adword’s quality score:

1) Keyword to Ads Mapping – Whether Ad contains the keyword or not and how well the ad has been matched to the keyword. If a person is searching for “apple ipad” and you are bidding for this keyword – your ad should talk about apple ipad – not apple ipod [ there is a way to do cross promotion but you need to know how to position your ads so that it meets quality guidelines].

2) Ads to Landing Page Mapping – Whether the landing page [it's the page to which you are driving traffic directly from adwords campaign] matches with the ad content or not. Basically, if the ad mentions about home lean rates, the landing page should talk about home loan rates only – not about the personal loans. This is to ensure that visitors are getting good experience after they click on ads.

3) Bid CPC – What’s the max. amount you are ready to pay for every click. If it’s too low, you’ll get a low quality score. That’s why sometimes increasing the Max CPC helps in increasing the Quality Score – but that’s not the best way to go about it.

4) Account Performance History – How has been the performance of your account. If your account has always given bad CTR across all campaigns, that might affect even other campaign’s quality score. It’s there because Google has no other means to give you initial quality score when you are just starting a campaign.

So just take care of all of above factors and you should have a pretty good adwords quality score. You should never run keyword with quality score less than 7. Try to keep it in the range of 7-10 and you’ll get the best Avg. CPC.

For more details, please see the video above. I have explained things in more depth in the video.

In today’s healthy competition, many advertisers who promote businesses on a daily basis should realize the drawback of using direct affiliate links for marketing. The question “Do I use Direct Affiliate Links for Promotions?” is an unsolved mystery. However, I would suggest you to drop the idea of direct linking. Of course, there are certain reasons for which you should avoid using the strategy of promoting direct affiliate links.

Here is a video which explains it in detail:

Here are the reasons discussed in video above:

#1. Against the Company Policy:

Some affiliate sites or companies do not permit you to implement the strategy of direct linking. The policy of these companies will never support for a direct linking on their web pages. The idea of direct linking could be against their policy.

#2. Traffic will directly land up on the affiliate site:

If you perform a direct linking, you will have very less control and benefit during the process.  The moment any traffic clicks on the promotional ads, they will directly land up on the affiliate site. However, during the course, you can incorporate your own intermediate page; analytics, tracking etc. in the affiliate website.  So, those traffics who will click on the promotional ads will first pass through your website and then will land up on the affiliate site. This way the strategy will be valuable to your intermediate page.

#3. Against the Google Policy:

Using different channels like Google Ad Words, Yahoo, or PPC Platforms for direct linking, is not advantageous. During the course, other advertisers will also be performing the same strategy of direct linking. Hence, both affiliates will be doing a direct linking by using the same keyword. So, only one of them will win and eventually only one ad will be displayed. Here, one advertiser should outbid the other one. A direct linking is against the Google policy and may increase the risk factor.

#4. Channels give you less flexibility:

Using channels like CPM channel, or a PPC channel for direct linking, give you less flexibility. Hence, you can incorporate your own intermediate page where 50% of the traffic can be diverted on one offer based on your logic, and another 50% can be diverted to a different offer.  This way you can perform a split testing for the same amount of traffic.

#5. Affiliate Page provides less product knowledge: 

Sometimes, the affiliate page may not provide you with any output. It may not explain the benefits of the advertisers’ products. However, you can use your own intermediate page, to perform reselling that will explain the benefits of the advertiser’s product. You can divert the traffic to the next page where eventually the client has to just make the payment and close the sale.


But You Are Delaying Things – Go for Direct Linking

Incorporating your own intermediate page becomes easier and so you can have your own controlled page. Even if, you cannot change the affiliate site, still you can control your intermediate page and generate leads.  I am not in favor of all those direct linking stuff, but still, I will suggest you to give a thought on the intermediate page.

But just because it looks complex and you may have the tendency to avoid doing it, I would say that implementation is important than perfection.  So, just go ahead and do a direct linking.

Execute your own ideas even if it has some flaws. Just because you have to create your own intermediate page, and for this reason, you are not running a campaign, then I will give you the freedom for direct linking without an intermediate page. But keep this thing in mind that if you do direct linking, you might have to bid more for every lead/sale or the conversions might be lower than expected. Just keep these factors in calculating projected ROI and doing feasibility check for the campaign.


If You Are Not Using the SLD Framework for Your Adwords Campaign – There is More Than 98% Chance That Your Campaign Will Fail Flat in Less Than 30 Days

….Learn This Unique Framework Which Has A Proven Mechanism to Prevent Your Campaign From Making Loss and Has All the Techniques Built Into It to Multiply Your Adwords Profits 10X – All in 2 Weeks


Before we start talking about Adwords framework, let me share with you a related story of my good friend – John who was an expert rock climber. He had done rock climbing on hundreds of feet high rocks, on some huge mountains and on some really rough /patchy terrains. Over the course of time, he had discovered and devised his own techniques for grappling, moving, body control and what not.

But the climbing attempt which he made last summer – turned out to be his last attempt. He could never try it again. It was the highest rock he was trying to climb this time to make a record and to be true – it was not beyond his skills or capabilities.

He knew the in and out of climbing like he was born for it. This time also he was well prepared, had practiced a lot and had got some extra ordinary gears and tools created for himself – which were designed only for him. He knew he was going to make it.

He started climbing, had crossed half the height in shortest time that anyone else could have only imagined. It was all looking wonderful and set for success. But exactly then, he came falling down, there was no one to stop, there was nothing to prevent him from the fall. He had done everything right – new gears, new tools, applied all successful tricks and strategies – but one mistake had caused him a huge set back.

Would you like to know what that one mistake was – he had not created a fallback support system, he had not created the right safety hooks for him – which would have prevented his fall. Once he started falling – there was nothing on which he could fall back on.

There was nothing on which he could have relied for these unexpected scenarios. He had prepared for success but not for failure.

He relied on his experience and gears to save him from everything. He had made a mistake of not having a fall-back mechanism. It was just one mistake and it all came crumbling down for him.

And this is the same mistake you are making if you are not using the SLD Framework – which I’m going to explain you now – while launching an Adwords Campaign.

Most of the advertisers – no matter how much of experience they have and no matter if they have launched the campaign with best set of keywords, most optimized landing pages and all latest strategies – fail to make money because they don’t have this framework which not only pushes you forward but also gives you a support system when your campaign starts to fail.

SLD is a strategic framework – consisting of well-optimized methods and tested techniques – which guides you to create a successful campaign – in however difficult market/niche – which can keep pumping money to your account all day along like a well-oiled automated money machine.

It has all the arms, ammunitions and strategies built into it – which makes your campaign successful. It has steps and methods which tell you what to do, when to do, how to launch a campaign and how to steer through the unknown territory of new niches and new markets.

It guides you to launch your campaign like a targeted and measured missile which is set out to lock, follow and kill it’s competitors.

But the biggest secret this framework has – that no one else is using – is it’s fall-back shield system – which measures every deviation, locks the missile in time, ensures that it doesn’t deviate and provides enough guidance for it to recover and regain the right path – in case it starts deviating from the set target.

With SLD framework, you can launch successful campaigns no matter whether you are an expert or new to Adwords. You can use it to launch and make money from your very first adwords campaign even if

-         you have no clue about the market/niche

-         you are launching your first adwords campaign

-         you have limited money to test a market

-         your competitor has huge money – which you don’t have

-         you are going after a very competitive market/niche

So let’s dive into it and learn what this framework is and how can you use it into your adwords strategy to launch successful campaigns – every time.

The SLD framework is based on 3 pillars –

1)      Spy

2)      Launch

3)      Destroy

If you miss any of above, you can deviate and miss your targets. So let’s learn what these 3 pillars are and how can we use them for our advantage.

Pillar 1: Create Spy Campaign

When you launch an adwords campaign, there are so many variables – the list of keywords, their match type, the landing page quality, the ads text, timing of day and many more – which define whether the campaign will turn out to be a success or a failure.

And there is absolutely no way – one can be right about all these factors from the very beginning. No matter whether you are an expert who has launched 100’s of successful campaigns till date or a new learner who is launching her/his first campaign – you can’t be certain about all these factors and it’s success.

That’s why this framework starts with a Spy Campaign – the only purpose for which is – to go collect the real data, find out the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and figure out the money-making areas of the market/niche.

If you don’t start your campaign with a Spy Campaign – you are basing every thing on assumptions and you are wasting your time, money and effort.

So let’s see what a Spy Campaign involves.

The very essence of a Spy Campaign is -

a)      it’s simple to start,

b)      it doesn’t take time to launch and

c)      it has single focus – to collect real data.

It’s not meant to make money, it’s not meant to beat competitors. We’ll do that later – with 2nd and 3rd pillar of framework. But as of now – we are just focused on collecting the real data – based on which we can go ahead and plan our future actions.

So when we are creating a Spy Campaign, we will follow these exact 5 steps –

1)      Come up with a set of master keywords based on some root keywords related to your niche/market using Google external tool


2)      Create a set of adgroups by dividing  these keywords in small groups either based on a theme or based on landing pages. This will ensure, you are showing targeted ads to your users whereas your competitors are wasting money with unrelated ads.

3)      Create 2 Ad texts for each adgroup so that you can rotated ads and see which one works best for your market. While you’ll be spying and testing best ads which attracts maximum click through, your competitors will be completely unaware that they are on your target and will be losing all their money to you soon :-) .

4)      Setup the conversion tracking code on landing page/ thank you page


5)      And then launch the Spy Campaign with following settings

i)                    “Rotate ads evenly” – don’t choose “optimize for highest clicks”

ii)                   Show ads evenly – don’t choose “Run as soon as possible”

iii)                 Run for whole day – unless you know for sure the time/day when you want to target customers

iv)                 Select target location to your target city/country

v)                  Set Max CPC for Adgroup =  Assumed Conversion Rate of Landing Page X Monetary Value of 1 Conversion [ for e.g. if you assume the conversion rate for your landing page is 5% and value of each conversion is $5, your Max CPC should be 0.05 X $5 = $0.25. Note that the conversion can be lead for a lead capture page and sales for a sales page.]

vi)                 Set the daily budget for campaign = (500 X Max. CPC)/7. So in case of above scenario, we would set the campaign’s daily budget as (500 X $0.25)/7 = $18


That’s it – just launch the Spy Campaign now.

Your spy is all set to do the hard work for you and give you all the data you’ll need for next stage. It will bring back the data from your competitors – who are still clueless – and tell you exactly what’s currently working and what’s not.

And if you follow the “Launch Strategy” – the next pillar in SLD framework – with this data, you are all set to take away money from your competitor’s hands. Your competitors will suddenly feel a loss of weight in their stomach as if they are suddenly falling down. As if everything is falling apart for them and they are losing all controls. They will fail to understand as suddenly what has happened. And even before they understand – you will be on your way to massacre and would have collected all the money – all in front of their eyes.

So now let’s see how we can execute the “Launch Strategy” based on Spy Campaign to launch our funnel campaign [I’ll explain what a funnel campaign is in next step] – like a targeted missile – which is all set to devastate the competitors.

Pillar 2: Launch Funnel Campaign

A funnel campaign is the campaign designed to funnel money to your accounts. It’s like launching a missile which is set to destroy the competitors after tweaking the directions, setting up the fuel on fire and configuring backup systems for the missile. After you follow this step – your campaign will be all set for success and you will start making money.

But there is another pillar – the 3rd step of Destroy in SLD framework – which will take it to the next level and destroy the competition, pump double the money to your account and bring the market to it’s knees.

But before we do that, it’s critical that we do our 2nd step properly. Because if we don’t do it properly, there is no way we will be able to enter into the 3rd stage. So let’s learn what the 2nd step of “Launch Funnel Campaign” involves.

The purpose of Funnel Campaign is to –

a)      launch a campaign which is configured and tweaked based on data collected from Spy campaign

b)      start segregating what’s making money and what’s not

c)      create a baseline real-data matrix based on which our campaign will be tweaked and optimized further

d)      start funneling money to your account – note that it’s just the start of it

So let’s see what are the steps involved in “Launching the Funnel Campaign” –

1) Enhance Ad CTR – This step involves enhancing the click-through-rate of your ads. If the click-through-rate of your ad is less than 3%, that’s bad and definitely needs immediate attention. If it’s above 3%, you can still manage with it and go to next step. But there is no reason not enhancing it if you can. There can be various reasons for which you are getting bad CTR -

 a) Low Avg. Position for Ads – You ads are being displayed at a position lower than 5. If this is the case, check your list of keywords and find out the keywords for which your ads avg. position is less than 5 – and increase the bid for these keywords by 10%. Don’t worry much about increasing the CPC – as there might be certain keywords which will cost you more than what you had planned/estimated because of higher competition – but these can be high converting keywords effectively making the cost of conversion low.

 b) Bad Ad Text – Your ad text might not be appealing. So even if the avg. ad position is good, very few people are clicking on it causing a bad CTR. So to overcome it, you should enhance your ad’s text. Here are some steps to enhance your ad text –

i) Improve the headline of your ad. The best way to enhance headline is by including some unique characters in it like #, @, numbers, $ etc. in it.

ii) Enhance the description of your ad text by including some specific benefits, unique selling points of your product/service [like lowest price, 2 hour delivery, money back guarantee, 100% success assurance etc.] and call-to-action words [like “download now”, “find now”, “get now” etc].

2) Enhance Keywords – After running the Spy campaign, you will get the real data and would get to know what are the search terms for which your ads were triggered – and how did those traffic convert for you. So now is the time to act on these real data which is based on market competition, real search terms used by customers and your landing page conversion. After completing this step, your campaign will start triggering your ads exactly when your customers are searching for you using the words they use to search online. Whereas, your competitors will still be busy and wasting money doing all kind of keywords research using fancy tools. They will be wasting money on unreal words whereas you will be making money with the words your customers use.

Just go through the actual search terms – you can find it by clicking the tab – “Keyword Details –>Search Terms -> All”. Add all those search terms into your campaign which have cost-of-conversion less than your earning-per-conversion.


You should also go through the search terms report and note all the keywords against which you don’t want your ads to be triggered. Prepare a separate list for all these keywords and add these as negative keywords under the campaign.

3) Enhance CPC – When we launched the Spy Campaign, we had set the Max. CPC for Adgroup based on assumptions regarding landing-page-conversion. But now, we have the real data with us. We know how’s our landing page converting. So based on this actual data we’ll re-calculate the Max CPC using same formula.

Let’s assume, after running the campaign, we saw that the conversion rate for our landing page is 10% instead of 5% (which we assumed earlier). So the new Max CPC = Actual Conversion Rate X Earning-Per-Conversion = 0.1 X $5 = $0.5.

But as we are going to enhance the CTR and keywords by following strategy mentioned in previous 2 steps, we can assume some improvement factor and go for still higher bid. We can safely assume an improvement of 10% after enhancing Ads and Keywords [as mentioned in previous 2 steps] – that means we can pay 10% more. So we will have new Max. CPC = 1.10 X $0.5 = $0.55. So now we’ll go and change the Max CPC for our all Adgroups to this new calculated CPC.

4) Enhance Ad Positioning – This step helps us overcome the limitation of words that Awords ads come with and help us communicate more to our customer – hence enhancing CTR and overall conversion.

As you know, we can use a maximum of 25 characters for ad’s headline and 35 characters for ad description. This means, we get very limited words to out-sell others. And we can overcome it by leveraging sitelink extension feature in Adwords.


So we will go ahead and add some site extension in the campaign. These site extensions will talk about some more benefits that customers get from us. So we can create some site extensions like “Pay in 3/6 EMI” or “Delivery in 24 Hours” or “With Additional Bonus” etc.

Note that these lines that we use to create Ad Extension should be something which is already not present in Ad Text [headline or description].

This helps us increase our CTR and also position us uniquely in front of our customers. As you can see above, by using sitelinks – we have almost doubled the CTR and reduced cost-per-conversion by more than 80%. When your competitors will still be limited with number of words they can use in their adwords ads, you will be using this backdoor secret strategy to get twice space for your ads  at lower cost – which they have no idea about – hence giving you more visibility, more customers & more money.

Note that, these ad extensions are shown only if our ad is among top 2 ads – shown on top part of Google. But when it’s shown – it definitely makes it stand out and hence drive much higher click-through.

5) Enhance Budget Distribution – This is another crucial step which involves spending more money when we are getting more conversions and spending less when conversion is less. To do this, we will use the day parting feature in Adwords. It’s a feature in Adwords which lets us pause campaign during certain hours of day and also lets us adjust the bids based on time of day. Once we do this, we will be spending money only during those hours when we are making money while your competitors will still be wasting money throughout the day. This will give you a huge cost-advantage over your competitors. So we’ll see the data from Spy Campaign, find out the time of day -

i)  which is converting best and increase our bids by 10% for this time period

ii) which is converting just average and let the bid remain same for this

iii) which is converting bad and reduce the bid by 10% for this period

iv) which is not converting and pause the campaign for this period

Once we have completed above steps, we are ready to launch our funnel campaign. This will be a new campaign – which is fine tuned based on Spy Campaign data – and is all set to make you money.

After launching this funnel campaign, money will start dripping in your account and you’ll be on your way to new found success. Now you have got the understanding of market/competition and incorporated all your learning into it and have launched your funnel campaign. This campaign will start funneling money to your account.

But wait – there is more to it. You have just started making money but it’s not complete until you squeeze every bit of money from this campaign, until you bring your competitors to knees and leave them puzzled as if earth had moved below their feet.

And this will be achieved by using the 3rd and last pillar of our SLD framework – the Destroy step. So now let’s see how we’ll move into our last and final stage of SLD framework – the Destroy Step.

It literally brings your competition to knees and leave them helpless while you squeeze every penny from the market and make maximum money at lowest cost. This last pillar can multiply your profits and bring down all your competitors.

Pillar 3: Destroy Competitors – Launch Money Campaign

True to it’s literal meaning – the Destroy Stage – involves destroying your competition, putting the money making campaign in full throttle and making as much money as you can.

The purpose of “Destroy Stage” is to -

a)      create a money campaign – which runs in full throttle and brings all the money to your account

b)      separate funnel campaign from the money campaign

c)      destroy your competitors by creating a huge cost-advantage

It’s the most critical step which multiplies your profit without much effort, helps you make maximum money with least cost and let your competitors run here and there helplessly. You must have understood the significance of this stage by now.

So let’s see what are the steps involved in Destroy Stage -

1) Create a new campaign with same settings as that of Funnel Campaign – we call it the Money Campaign. And then move all those keywords and ad texts from Funnel Campaign to Money Campaign which fit into one of below criteria -

a) ad texts which have highest CTR in an adgroup – copy all these text ads to Money Campaign

b) keywords which are profitable i.e. cost per conversion is less than earning per conversion – move all these keywords to Money Campaign


2) Make a list of all the keywords which we’ve put in Money Campaign and remove these keywords from the Funnel Campaign [you can also set these keywords as exact negative keywords in the Funnel Campaign]. This will ensure that our ads are triggered only by the Money campaign and not the Funnel Campaign.

3) Increase daily budgets to the maximum you can for the Money Campaign. As the Money Campaign consists of all money making keywords and has best converting ads, it’s your money making campaign. And you would like to run it in full throttle because the more you spend here – the more profit you make. So just let the Money Campaign run with maximum daily budget that your pocket allows. And you’ll be making huge cash in minimum time without wasting budget on losing campaigns.

4) Change the Ad Delivery Method to – Accelerated i.e. Show ads as quickly as possible. This will ensure, you are not missing any traffic and your ad is being triggered for every search that’s related to keyword existing in your money campaign.  The more number of times your ad is displayed, the more money you make. So now,  your money making campaign will start running in full throttle collecting money from all the corners it can.

5) Change Ad Rotation to – Optimize for Clicks. This will ensure that you are getting maximum click and hence paying lowest CPC.

Once you have completed above steps – you will have 2 campaigns running for you – 1 funnel campaign and 1 money campaign.

Funnel campaign will keep on working on new set of keywords with new set of ads and start segregating money making keywords from loss making keywords. It’s like your ever running machine which goes and figure out new money making possibilities – even when you are busy somewhere else.

And your Money Campaign will be busy pumping money into your account that your market has and will start bringing your competitors to knees.

So now you have got all things in place – you have one campaign which is looking for new opportunities in your market and you have another campaign which is squeezing maximum money from every opportunity that it gets to know.

Congratulations! You have just created a money making machine for yourself. So, go take a break and enjoy your win with a huge smile on your face while your puzzled competitors run here and there to save their money which has suddenly started disappearing from their accounts.

If you are planning to go ahead with “Local Affiliate Marketing” business model – the first thing you should find out is – which market/product you’ll go after.

This one-step can be a deal-breaker or huge-winner. It can take you from a newbie to big income earner or can let you fall in the downward spiral of ongoing failures.

So it’s critical that you take your time, understand the market and complete the step – I’m going to explain now – before you do anything.

I am going to explain a 5 step system – which will help you uncover hidden local gold mines in shortest period and this system will ensure that you are not running after loss-making markets. It’s a proven way to discover successful local markets in area.

Just go through this blueprint, do the exercise and you will come out winning.

Here is the “5-step Uncover The Golden Local Markets” fail-proof blueprint:

1. Download the MarketDiscoveryTool Here

2. It has got some sample data based on my research. It will give you directions to think. Just fill up all 7 columns in this tool with as much of market data as you can think of. Use Google Search to discover some of the data that you might need to complete this step.

3. After you have completed the step 2, sort the data in decreasing order based on “Earning Potential” column.

4. Note down every market which qualifies all these criteria -

a) Has less than 6 Advertiser Competition Overall

b) Is among top 15 markets based on Earning Potential

c) Has more than 25,000 search/month at least

5. After completing the step 4, you will have the list of all local markets which are attractive in your area. Choose any one which you feel comfortable with.

That’s it – you have just discovered your “hidden local gold mine” . You have to just start shoveling it now :-) . You are already 1-step closer to your dream of making money sitting in your home.

Congratulations on taking the first step. Now go through my next video/exercise – and you’ll have everything in place which will start sending money to your bank account – starting this week.


Content # 1 [MIA for Video Creation]

I thought what can be a better way to show how MIA has changed things for me than to show before and after effects. I had submitted a content for the first exercise – when I had no clue what MIA framework is. But after going through this new content creation framework, I re-created the same content. The main difference was -

1) I broke 1 big video to smaller section to ensure that –  I’m adding motivational elements time and again to each section

2) I ensured that I am giving emotional reasons for everything I’m explaining in the video.  I tried to highlight the emotional benefits while explaining the information. In previous content, I was just sharing the information – but now I was explaining as why that information is critical and can help in achieving the emotional output that my prospect wants

3) I added one small exercise at the end of it and added a bonus element to re-motivate the prospect to take action

Before MIA: You can see the Old Video Here -


After MIA: Here is the new video that I created after following MIA framework -


 Content # 2 [MIA for Product Content Creation]

Here is the 5-step blueprint which I have created to help my prospect uncover the “local gold mines” in his area. This is the first exercise/tutorial which will guide my prospect to find out which market to go after in his local area.


Content # 3 [MIA for Bonus Creation]

I have also created some more content which will be given as bonus to everyone completing the exercise mentioned in above video. It’s a new framework which helps in multiplying one’s income in 7 days. This framework is a bonus content for everyone completing the exercise mentioned in “Change Your Mindset” video above. You can see the bonus framework video here:


Content # 4 [MIA for Lead Capture Page Creation]

I have also created another lead capture page – for a different niche – which tries to tap into emotional motivations – as mentioned in the MIA framework. I recreated this page after going through MIA exercise:


3 Success Principles which can change your life and multiply your Business -

1) You Can’t Copy Someone’s Success – Without Copying the ACTIONS Which Lead to That Success

2) Luck is Not Granted, You Have to Earn It

3) You Need to Learn to Crawl, Then Walk and Then Run – You Can’t Be Running Sprint the Day You Were Born

All these principles are explained in video below.

Here is my Multiplier Framework – a unique marketing approach – which will help you double your conversions to double your income with same amount of traffic. And then add additional means of getting unlimited traffic – to further multiply your income – all in 7 days.


This unique framework can convert your loss-making campaign to  a huge winner in shortest period of time.


Motivation – What are the most important emotional motivators that you are going to keep connecting your students back up to as you teach them information and actions?

My customer avatar is new to IM world and has never made any money.

He has tried all kind of businesses – like adsense sites, flipping sites, cpa, adwords and affiliate marketing. But he’s still struggling to find out the magical wand which will show him how every one else is making so much of money sitting in front of computer, with a big house behind beach and with the luxury of working from home.

He just wants to know how can he make his first dollars. He knows that once he finds out that 1 way which makes him money – he will be able to grow it from there.

But he just needs that first success which has been eluding him for a long time.

He is also worried that if he doesn’t get it soon – he will not have enough money to support his family and he might be forced to go back to the same 9-5 job.

And I’ll motivate him that the information he’s going to learn will ensure that he doesn’t have to fail again and if he follows the blueprint I’m going to hand over to him – he will make his first dollars – not next year, not after a month – but this week.

And I’ll assure him that if he acts as per the 7-step system I’m providing him but still fails to get his first dollars – then everything will be on me. He’ll have nothing to lose.

I’ll motivate him that if he just learns the adwords blueprint which I’m going to deliver in next 30 minutes – things will change for him TODAY. He’ll make his first dollars this week, he’ll never have to go back to job and he’ll not have to worry about supporting his family.

He’ll also get all the success – he deserves and all the applause that he expects from his family.

Information – What is the information that they need to get the result that they want? What do you need to do to connect all of your information back to the emotional needs?

He needs to know that people don’t get lucky and there is no magic wand for success. All those who are successful have just 3 things that they do correctly -

1) The business model they use to make money

2) Their mindset and

3) The exact system that they can repeat time and again

I’ll also tell him the story of my struggle and let him know that I was no different when I started. I started exactly where he’s starting now. I made the same mistakes but I learnt these principles which has made me successful now. And today I’m going to handover those principles and blueprints which he can copy to avoid mistakes and duplicate my success.

And then I’ll tell him these information:

a) What are the only 3 business models – which are proven to work, can be duplicated easily by anyone and can make him money THIS WEEK so that he won’t have to worry about going back to 9-5 job.

b) What’s the critical mindset he’s missing because of which he’s not able to make money. And how changing that to the right mindset – which I’m going to explain – will help him set right expectations in his family and how will it give him more emotional support and bandwidth which is must for being successful.

c) What’s my 7-step system which he can start following today and make money this week and replicate every week.

Action – What are the numbered action steps that your student needs to take in order to get the exact result that they want? And how can you re-motivate them, yet again, to make these actions?

Step 1: Go through the Mindset exercise and do the questionnaire to check where he stands now. And then go through the “change your mindset” video. After doing this step, he’ll think in the same way as successful people think about making money and he’ll start getting the emotional support from everyone he really cares about.

Step 2: Go through the ’3 Proven Business Models’ video [ which explains about Local Affiliate Marketing, Coupon Sites and Adwords-as-Service Models]and find the 1 model which you are going to work on this week.

Step 3: As business model, if you’ve selected local affiliate marketing – search online and come up with the list of 3 products you will be targeting this week. If you’ve selected coupon site – search online and find the list of coupon sites that others have created and then come up with that 1 niche – hosting, retail, ecommerce, black friday deals or seasonal deals – for which you’ll create your own coupon site. And if you’ve selected adwords service – search online using trick in my video and find the list of 3 businesses in your locality who might need adwords help.

Step 4: Once you have finished step 3, create a site for selling the product or for the coupon or for selling your service. Use the theme/layout as suggested in tutorial video.

Step 5: Create an adwords campaign driving traffic to your site. Run this campaign based on 12-point checklist and 4 success principles explained in the video.

Step 6: Send email with your proposal to all clients who have shown interest based on your adwords campaign and close the deal with any 1.

Step 7: Sign the deal with the client and collect your first cheque. Or get your first coupon redemption and start seeing money coming in your affiliate account.

Step 8: Repeat steps 4 to 7 next week and make more money.

And then in the end I’ll again re-motivate him by helping him visualize (as shown in Step 7) that he has  started collecting money this week. And he’s showing off his first cheque/money to his family with big smile on everyone’s face and huge satisfaction in his heart.


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